At Capital Force United we are entrepreneurs that understand the need for short response times and the importance of reacting swiftly to ever changing circumstances. Our small and cohesive team of experts is structured to provide prompt and accurate services.

Our services include:
Expert and Executive advisory;
Mergers & Acquisitions, Management Buy Outs, Generational Transfer;
Negotiations – Commercial Transactions;
Business Valuation Services;
Going Public Transactions;

Expert and Executive advisory:
At Capital Force United we forge strong relationships to ensure that we become the partner of choice, ensuring that transactions are well executed. Most importantly, our focus is to work on opportunities where we can leverage our experience and relationships, and take an active role with management, all with a view of building shareholder value.

Public and private companies alike come to us because we provide more than just great corporate strategic guidance; we provide real-time insight and hands-on pro-active management advice to optimize the value of the transaction.

Merger & Acquisition, Management Buy Out, Generational Transfer:
The foundation of our success rate is based on our ability of anticipating the dynamic events leading to changes in the market’s perception of a company’s value. Our team of experts have executed multiple M&As, MBOs and generational transfers successfully because our main focus is to guide all parties involved in completing well-balanced transactions in compliance with the expectations of all parties. By taking a hands-on approach to everything that we are involved with, while taking a highly proactive stance towards our clients we optimize the transaction value from every angle.

In the execution phase of a transaction or a global plan, the art of negotiating is based on balancing real factors (negotiator’s situation and constraints) and desired outcome. We typically work on commercial agreement transactions, partnerships, co-development and creation of joint ventures.

Business Valuation Services:
Capital Force United understands the importance of a comprehensive business valuation for business owners in the process of corporate decision making.

Capital Force United can provide you with independent expert reports in a wide range of areas including:

  • Business Sales and Acquisitions
  • Recapitalizations and Leveraged Buyouts
  • Shareholder Buyouts/Disputes
  • Going-Private Transactions
  • Acquisition Target Assessments and Valuations
  • Financial Reporting / Purchase price allocation
  • Succession Planning
  • Partnership Dissolutions
  • Internal Strategic Planning
  • Employee Share Ownership Plans
Going Public Transactions:
For a private company, deciding to go public (being listed on an exchange) is a critical decision that requires careful consideration. The advantages of an Initial Public Offering versus a Reverse Take Over (RTO), a Capital Pool Company (CPC) must be weighed for every different situation – proper preparation is critical to success. Collectively the founders of Capital Force United have actively participated in more than fifteen IPO/RTO on the Toronto Stock Exchange and NASDAQ. Our services range from structuring the transaction, strengthening balance sheets when required, to the preparation of investor presentations and regulatory materials.

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